Satellite TV

Free To Air TV Via Satellite ( VAST )

Terrestrial TV, that is, from a ground based transmitter to a house antenna, is a true line of sight transmission. If you can’t see the transmission tower the service is degraded to a lesser or greater degree.

Because of this some locations cannot receive enough signal to have reliable service.

The Federal Government have now made it easier for those people to receive TV via satellite.

Although this the satellite service is still a line of sight transmission, the difference in location lets many people who have had poor or no TV service enjoy free to air TV at no cost except that of initial set up.

Do I have to buy a new TV?

To receive Satellite Free To Air TV you will need to install a digital set top box, which connects to your existing TV.

It requires an application to the Federal Government for a license to receive the commercial channels. It does require a set top box for each TV.

These set top boxes are specifically designed and built for this service.

You will also need a satellite dish and appropriate cabling.