SBS & Channel 31

Channel 31 is now digital

Re tune your digital TV or Set Top Box now to find it.

The frequency is 557.625 MHz from Mt Dandenong. See Below. From Como House it’s 795.50 MHz

There is no transmission of C31 from other towers eg, Upwey, Ferntree Gully, Selby, Monbulk, Warburton, etc.

SBS Melbourne has moved to a new frequency

The new frequency for SBS transmitted from Mount Dandenong is 184.50 MHz. Many TVs resolve this as CH 7 in the tuning menu. See below.

An important TV tuning tip

There are 3 types of ‘channel’ in relation to your TV. I will use the public TV station in Melbourne as an example.

Known as Channel 31, it is found on your remote control by pressing 44, (so therefore channel 44 ).

The frequency at which this station is transmitted from Mount Dandenong in Melbourne is 557.625 MHz . This particular frequency has a channel assignment of CH 32 in the TV tuning menu.

When tuning, some TVs will show you both the frequency and the channel assignment allocated to that frequency. Some will show you only the frequency. Some will show you only the channel assignment. Some will show one or the other at different stages of the tuning process .

Good luck !